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Take the Ultimate “Jessica Jones” Netflix Quiz and Discover Your Fandom!

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Welcome to our Quiz! If you're a fan of the gritty, female-led series, this is your chance to prove it. How well do you know the complex world of ? Her tormented past, powerful allies, and formidable enemies? Get ready to dive deeper into this dark corner of the .

Who is the main character in Jessica Jones?
Jessica Jones
Trish Walker
In which city is Jessica Jones set?
Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco
What is Jessica Jones' profession?
Police Officer
Private Investigator
What is Jessica's superpower?
Super Strength
Who is Trish Walker to Jessica Jones?
Who killed Jessica's family?
Trish Walker
A Car Accident
Luke Cage


Jessica Jones is a groundbreaking Netflix Original, known for its strong female lead and thought-provoking themes around trauma, resilience, and personal growth. If you're a fan, you'll know that the show is anything but ordinary, much like its titular heroine.


  • Jessica Jones, a private investigator with superhuman strength and a troubled past
  • Kilgrave, a man with the power to control minds and Jessica's personal tormentor
  • Trish Walker, Jessica's best friend and a famous radio host
  • Malcolm Ducasse, Jessica's neighbor turned assistant


The narrative of Jessica Jones explores complex themes such as consent, trauma, and survival. It revolves around Jessica's past haunting her present and her struggle to overcome her fears, battling her inner demons as well as external threats.


  • Critically acclaimed for its nuanced characterization and profound thematic exploration
  • Peabody Award winner and recipient of several nominations at prestigious award ceremonies
  • Recognized for its representation of strong female characters and for addressing important social issues


Whether you're drawn to Jessica's tenacity, intrigued by Kilgrave's villainy, or inspired by the show's unflinching approach to tough social issues, there's no denying that Jessica Jones leaves an indelible mark. This quiz will help you find out just how well you know this unique Netflix Original and determine if you're a true fan.

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