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Netflix Quiz: Is “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Casting a Spell on You?

Netflix Quiz: Is

Welcome to our Quiz! If you've been captivated by the mystical world of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this quiz is for you. Test your knowledge and see how well you know the twists, turns, and spells of this enthralling series. Ready for a bewitching challenge? Let's see if Sabrina's magic has truly cast a spell on you.

Who is the actress that plays ?
Melissa Joan Hart
Emma Watson
Millie Bobby Brown
What is the name of Sabrina's mortal boyfriend?
Harvey Kinkle
Tommy Kinkle
Ambrose Spellman
Who is the principal of Baxter High?
George Hawthorne
Prudence Blackwood
What is the name of Sabrina's familiar?
What town does Sabrina live in?
Who is Sabrina's father?
Edward Spellman
Dorian Gray
Lucifer Morningstar
Ambrose Spellman

Uncover Your Knowledge of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Join us on this magical journey as we delve into the mystical world of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This supernatural series has certainly cast a spell on its viewers with its unique blend of horror, comedy, romance, and drama – but how well do you know the show?

Witchcraft, Mystery, and Intrigue

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a Netflix original series that tells the tale of Sabrina Spellman, a half-witch, half-mortal, who must navigate her dual life while fighting off the evil forces that threaten her, her family, and the world she loves. Can you distinguish between the mortal and magical realms of Greendale? Are you familiar with the enchantments, curses, and characters that permeate Sabrina's world?

What's Your Spellman IQ?

Whether you have been there from Sabrina's Dark Baptism or you're a recent recruit in the fight against the Dark Lord, there's no better way to test your knowledge of this spellbinding show than with our Netflix quiz. From the Spellman family secrets to the intricate workings of the Church of Night, how well do you really know Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

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Test Your Knowledge

  • Do you know every magical creature that lurks in the shadows of Greendale?
  • Can you recall the enchantments that Sabrina has cast throughout the series?
  • Are you familiar with the numerous love interests that have bewitched Sabrina's heart?
  • Do you remember the trials and tribulations that Sabrina faced at the Academy of the Unseen Arts?

Whether you're as knowledgeable as Aunt Zelda or as curious as Harvey Kinkle, this quiz is sure to be a fun and enchanting experience. So, are you ready to find out if Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has truly cast a spell on you? Take the quiz now.

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