Home Quiz Netflix Quiz: Discover if You’re a Diehard Fan of “The Innocents”!

Netflix Quiz: Discover if You’re a Diehard Fan of “The Innocents”!

Netflix Quiz: Discover if You're a Diehard Fan of

Welcome to our Quiz! Are you a true fan of The Innocents? This quiz is designed to challenge your knowledge about this intriguing Netflix series. From plot points to character details, let's find out how much you really know and if you've paid attention to the subtleties of this captivating show.

What is the name of the male protagonist in The Innocents?
Who are June and Harry running from in The Innocents?
Their parents
The government
A shady organization
What unique ability does June possess in The Innocents?
Reading minds
What is the primary setting of The Innocents?
New York
Los Angeles
Who plays June's mother in The Innocents?
What is the relationship between Harry and June?
Best friends

A Brief Overview of The Innocents

The Innocents is a compelling British supernatural television series that aired on Netflix. The show blends elements of romance, drama, and the supernatural in a way that has captivated audiences across the globe.

The series centers around two teenagers, Harry and June, who run away from their repressive families to be together. Their journey, however, takes a shocking turn when June discovers she has the ability to shape-shift – a challenge they must face together.

Main Characters

  • Harry Polk – A teenage boy who deeply cares for June and supports her throughout her transformation journey.
  • June McDaniel – A teenager with a mysterious ability to shape-shift into different people. Her quest to understand this power is the show's primary focus.
  • John McDaniel – June's conflicted father who has vital knowledge about June's condition.
  • Christine Polk – Harry's mother, a police officer who is determined to find her missing son.
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Notable Episodes

  • The Start of Us – The series opener, setting the stage for Harry and June's journey.
  • Bubblegum & Bleach – The intense episode where June's ability first manifests.
  • Everything. Anything. – This episode provides insight into the origins of June's shape-shifting powers.
  • Passionate Amateur – An emotional roller coaster, where Harry and June's relationship is put to the test.

With its unique blend of genres, The Innocents has attracted a diverse audience. Whether you're drawn to its romantic elements, intrigued by its supernatural twist, or captivated by the compelling storyline, it's a show that leaves a lasting impression. Test your knowledge and discover how well you know the series with our Netflix Quiz!

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