Home Quiz Dragon Ball Quiz: Are You Familiar with the Fascinating Story of Launch?

Dragon Ball Quiz: Are You Familiar with the Fascinating Story of Launch?

Dragon Ball Quiz: Are You Familiar with the Fascinating Story of Launch?

Welcome to the ultimate quiz, centered around the enigmatic character, Launch. Known for her unique personality switch, Launch has intrigued fans for years. Test your knowledge and see if you're truly familiar with the complex story of this beloved Dragon Ball character. Ready to take the challenge?

What is the color of Launch's hair when she is in her good and innocent personality?
What triggers Launch's transformation from her good to her bad side?
Seeing the Full Moon
When She Gets Angry
A Wish From The Dragon Balls
How did Launch meet and ?
She was a prisoner
They met in a Dragon Ball Tournament
She was a member of the
She was a villager in their hometown
Who has a crush on Launch in her blonde form?
What does Launch do for a living when she lives at Kame House?
Martial Arts Teacher
What happens to Launch's character as the series progresses?
She gradually disappears
She becomes a Super Saiyan
She becomes the main villain
She marries Master Roshi


Launch is a unique and unforgettable character from the Dragon Ball series, created by . Known for her dual personality, she brings a lot of humor and unexpected twists to the storyline.

Launch's Dual Personality

Launch has a peculiar trait which sets her apart from other characters. Her personality changes depending on her hair color. In her gentle form, she has blue hair and is warm-hearted and friendly. However, when she sneezes, her hair turns blonde, and she becomes aggressive and trigger-happy.

  • Blue-Haired Launch: This version of Launch is sweet, kind, and caring. She is very domestic, often seen doing household chores or cooking.
  • Blonde Launch: In this form, Launch is completely opposite. She's fiery, aggressive, and isn't afraid to use her submachine gun when she's upset or threatened.
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Launch's Role in Dragon Ball

Despite her volatile nature, Launch has a significant presence in the Dragon Ball universe. She's a close ally to Goku and his friends, often aiding them in their quests. Despite her limited combat abilities, she never hesitates to jump into action when her friends are in danger.

Launch's Absence in Later Series

Launch's character was noticeably absent in later series like and . According to Akira Toriyama, he simply forgot to include her in the storyline. Despite this, her character has remained a fan favorite, remembered for her unique trait and unpredictable behavior.

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