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Disney Quiz: Put Your Knowledge of “Lilo & Stitch” to the Test and Be Amazed!

Disney Quiz: Put Your Knowledge of

Welcome to the ! This is your chance to prove your expertise on one of Disney's most loved animated films. Prepare to dive into the heart of Hawaii, reliving Lilo and Stitch‘s adventurous story. Ready to test your knowledge and have some fun?

What is the name of the alien race that Stitch belongs to?
Experiment 626
Galactic Federation
Jumba's Experiments
Polynesian Creature
What is the name of Lilo's sister?
Who is the voice actor for Stitch?
What is the name of the town where Lilo and Nani live?
What is Stitch's primary function according to Dr. Jumba?
To destroy everything he touches
To make friends
To protect Lilo
To collect coconuts
What is the first rule in Lilo's ‘Ohana' concept?
No one gets left behind
Always be kind
Everyone has a role
Family comes first

  • The movie, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Hawaiian island, tells the tale of Lilo, a young, eccentric girl who adopts what she believes is a dog but is, in fact, a destructive alien experiment named Stitch.
  • Stitch, initially known as Experiment 626, is an artificial extraterrestrial creature designed to cause chaos and destruction. However, his encounter with Lilo changes him, enabling him to understand and value ‘Ohana' – the Hawaiian concept of family.
  • Both Lilo and Stitch embark on various adventures that convey important lessons about love, acceptance, and the significance of family. Despite the misadventures caused by Stitch's destructive tendencies, the duo, along with their extended Hawaiian family, manage to stick together, portraying the strength of bonds and unity.

Test Your Knowledge

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