Home Quiz Disney Quiz: Find out if you’re an ultimate “Zootopia” aficionado!

Disney Quiz: Find out if you’re an ultimate “Zootopia” aficionado!

Disney Quiz: Find out if you're an ultimate

Welcome to our Disney Quiz! If you've watched and loved the animated marvel, , this is your chance to test your knowledge. Prepare to dive deep into the bustling animal city and its vibrant characters. Are you a true fan? Let's find out through this engaging quiz.

What is the name of the protagonist rabbit in Zootopia?
Judy Hopps
Jessica Rabbit
What is the occupation of Nick Wilde?
Con Artist
Police Officer
What is the name of the city where the movie takes place?
Who is the Mayor of Zootopia?
Leodore Lionheart
Nick Wilde
Judy Hopps
What type of animal is Chief Bogo?
What is the name of the popsicle shop that Nick and Judy visit?
Jumbeaux's Café
Wild Times

About The Quiz: Zootopia

Zootopia, a 2016 animated movie produced by , has captured the hearts of many with its riveting story, lovable characters, and important social messages. This city of anthropomorphic animals, where predator and prey coexist harmoniously, presents a unique blend of humor, mystery, and adventure.

Now, it's time to put your knowledge on the line with our Zootopia quiz. Are you a true fan who knows every minor detail or do you appreciate the film from a more casual viewer's standpoint? There's only one way to find out!

Why Test Your Knowledge?

Quizzes are a fun way to test your memory and learn something new. Our Zootopia quiz is not only an entertaining activity but also a chance to revisit the wonderful world of Zootopia and its inhabitants. You might discover fun trivia that you missed during your previous viewings!

What to Expect From the Quiz?

  • The quiz will tap into various aspects of the movie, from the plot details to the characters' traits and backgrounds.
  • Questions will range from the easy, designed to warm you up, to the challenging, aimed at testing the depth of your Zootopia knowledge.
  • You can expect some questions to be about the city of Zootopia itself, its districts, and the societal structure.
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Ready to Test Your Zootopia Knowledge?

Whether you have seen Zootopia once or a hundred times, this quiz is a fun way to test your memory and recall the delightful moments spent in this . So why wait? Jump into the quiz and prove your status as a true Zootopia fan!

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