Home Quiz Disney Quiz: Are You Truly an Expert on “The Incredibles 2”?

Disney Quiz: Are You Truly an Expert on “The Incredibles 2”?

Disney Quiz: Are You Truly an Expert on

Welcome to our Disney Quiz! Are you a true fan of The ? This is your chance to test your knowledge and see if you really know everything about this amazing sequel. From characters to plots, and hidden Easter eggs, there's a lot to discover. Let's dive into the world of superheroes!

Who is the director of The Incredibles 2?
What is the name of the villain in The Incredibles 2?
Evelyn Deavor
Bomb Voyage
Stinky Pete
Who is Jack-Jack's primary caregiver in The Incredibles 2?
Helen Parr
Bob Parr
What new ability does Violet demonstrate in The Incredibles 2?
Force Field Breathing
What is the name of the businessman who helps the Incredibles in The Incredibles 2?
Tony Rydinger
Winston Deavor
Rick Dicker
Gilbert Huph
In The Incredibles 2, what power does Jack-Jack NOT exhibit?
Burst into flames


Test Your Knowledge on The Incredibles 2

Are you a die-hard fan of The Incredibles 2? Have you watched this much-anticipated sequel enough times to know all the tiny details and nuances? Then this quiz is just for you! Not only will it test your knowledge on the storyline, characters, and even production details of the film, but it will also immerse you back into the world of your favorite family.

What's in the Quiz?

The quiz is an engaging mix of questions that encompass various aspects of the film. It's time to strap on your supersuit and jump right in!

  • Plot Questions: These questions test your memory of the storyline, significant events, and plot twists in the movie.
  • Character Questions: You will be quizzed on the personalities, abilities, and actions of the main characters, as well as some notable supporting characters.
  • Production Questions: Are you aware of the backstage goings-on? This section delves into the production details, voice actors, and even some trivia related to the movie.
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Why Take the Quiz?

Testing your knowledge on The Incredibles 2 through this quiz can be an entertaining way of reliving the thrills of the movie. Whether you are preparing for a movie trivia night, or just want to test your memory, this quiz is designed to bring you right back into the action-filled world of the Parr family. And who knows? You might even learn something new about your favorite superhero family!

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