The government recently announced that it wants to promote the development of renewable energies during the five-year period. Reducing our consumption and increasing the share of these energies in our production are also objectives that some startups are trying to meet.

The existence of renewable energies is not new, but their development, requested for a long time, seems today to bear fruit. The government has recently announced that it wants to take a law of exception to accelerate the development and deployment of renewable energy in France.

Some startups have not waited to try to improve already existing technologies or to develop solutions to reduce or use renewable energies more efficiently. The nuggets presented above are examples, this list is not exhaustive.

The startup Carbon, co-founded by Pascal Richard (formerly of Alcatel, Total and SMA) and Pierre-Emmanuel Martin in March 2022, aims to create a solar farm with a capacity of 15 to 20 GW by 2030, according to Les Echos. Based in Roche la Molière (Loire), the company wants to create a competitor to Chinese companies, capable of supplying the French and European markets. A pilot site with a production capacity of 500 MW should be built in 2024.

Beem Energy
Still in the world of solar energy, the Nantes-based startup Beem Energy is developing solar kits to help citizens take the plunge and produce part of their electricity consumption using solar energy. Installed in less than an hour, according to the startup, the kit-which includes a solar panel-connects to a household outlet. The application coupled with this solution allows to follow, in real time, its production. The panel, which requires a surface of 2.5 meters for its installation, could produce up to 300MW and thus cover the power consumption of a refrigerator, an internet box, 5 LED bulbs and a stereo.